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Setting Up Files For Contour Cutting

If you would like your file cut to a custom shape (anything other than a rectangle) you will need to create a vector cut path in your art. Please follow these instructions carefully. We may be able to work with files prepared differently, but it may cause delays and incur additional charges.


  1. Create a simple vector path with as few points as possible. Overly complex paths may not cut as cleanly as desired. Sharp points should be rounded for best results.

  2. All images must bleed 1/8" beyond the cut path.

  3. The cut path will need to be a vector path with a named spot color applied to the stroke. If you created the path in PhotoShop it must be exported to Illustrator or InDesign. The raster image will need to be placed in the Illustrator or InDesign document and the path overlayed on top of it.

  4. Create a Spot Color swatch called CutContour and assign it a color that clashes with your art for best visibility. Apply this Spot Color to the vector path. Set the stroke to 1 point wide.

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