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Color Matching and Reproduction

Our goal is to provide predictable, consistent color output and reproduce your files as you have created them within the constraints of the media required or selected for the intended application. The media your art is printed on and any overlaminates used have an impact on the range of colors (gamut) that is capable of being reproduced on that media combination.

We use a fully ICC color managed workflow with custom output profiles for our printers and media combinations. If your files contain embedded source profiles our output intents, we will honor them. If your files do not contain embedded source profiles we will assume our defaults of GRACoL 2013 CRPC 6 for CMYK, sRGB for RGB, and Dot Gain 20% for grayscale.

We assume your artwork has been created using a calibrated monitor, ICC compliant software and workflow, and you have adjusted the colors as you intend them to print. We do not adjust your art to modify the color as our goal is to achieve accurate reproduction.

Pantone® colors are are often used to specify colors, however, Pantone® colors were created for offset and screen printing with custom inks produced from standardized pigments for each color. Many of these colors may not reproduce well in standard 4 color process printing. If you have a Pantone® guide that compares the spot colors with the Pantone® process equivalents, we are often closer to the spot color than the offset CMYK mix. If you would like to use Pantone® spot colors in your art, please select them from the swatch books in your software and leave them as spot colors. Do not change their names or convert them to process colors. Our production software looks for these spot colors and can often reproduce them with better results than working with the CMYK mix.


Proofing - When compared to offset printing, where hundreds or thousands of copies are produced, it is not practical to produce a full size printed proof for a production run of one or two copies. If you are uncertain of the final output of your art, we can print a reduced sized version or full size test crop of your art. The charge for this varies depending on the materials and finishing, but it will add time to your order. 

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